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Our Goal For You

At Pine Tree Pups, we believe that a happy dog is a well-trained one. Our mission is to provide positive reinforcement-based obedience training and behavior modification that helps create a cohesive and balanced family. With over 10 years of experience and a proven track record, we can help you fine-tune your relationship with your dog and create a beautiful future together.

Amber Moore, Head Trainer

Head Trainer

Amber Moore

Working with dogs and their families has been one of the greatest and most illuminating experiences of my life. After years of dedication and animal behavioral study I have dedicated my professional life to training our four legged friends and their human counterparts.  With 6 years of study, 5 years of application and hundreds of clients assisted, I feel we have found a healthy balance of positive reinforcement training that has a straight forward application in various living, work and travel environments.  

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